Speakers - NWC 2024

Luis Puelles

  • Designation: University of Murcia
  • Country: Spain


Luis Puelles is a Spaniard born in Tenerife (Canary Islands) in 1948. Speaks English, German, and French. He studied medicine in Granada and, after working successively in anatomy departments in Sevilla, Badajoz, and Cadiz (southern Spain) became a neuroanatomy professor in Murcia (Spain) in 1980 (retired in 2018; emeritus since then). He is well known for his developmental and comparative molecular studies across vertebrates (some 300 publications), the development of the segmental prosomeric brain model (collaboration with JLR Rubenstein), as well as influential genoarchitectonic forebrain studies (developmental models of telencephalic pallium and subpallium plus the amygdala, hypothalamus, diencephalon, midbrain, and hindbrain).

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